ESS4Key statements

• Women are the majority of people in the SSE, strong pillars for changes in society, but still invisible;
• Women’s rights must be ensured at every level including reproductive rights and all other rights;
• A gender perspective on SSE must taken into account and address the fact that women have multiple identities, realities and power relations between ourselves and others.
• All changes require women’s empowerment and involvement;
• SSE would be successful only if it is gender transformative.

We are proposing:

• Women must create and redefine women’s leadership that is sustainable in SSE organizations and movements.
• Gender needs to be a key issue in SSE and Women must be given the recognition for the work they do;
• Women and men need space to discuss and develop SSE gender’s perspective within SSE local, national and international networks;
• We need to bring up local contexts and share SSE women’s experiences into discussions.
• Gender must be officially included in all RIPESS meeting’s and platforms.

We are committed :

• Since women have so much to share, but no spaces where we can share it, we want a gender page on different SSE platforms like RIPESS, REMESS, ASEC, GSESS, CCEDNET, Chantier and other SSE network’s page;
• New Social Solidarity Economy Women’s Facebook page and twitter account are in place, and we are committed to unveil gender issues, practices, innovations, resources, etc. We are also inviting everyone to contribute;
• Since we need to document SSE’s gender perspective, RIPESS should support and promote the development of a position paper on gender and SSE;
• In every international and continental SSE meeting, we are committed to organize a session on gender perspective of SSE in the official program;
• We are committed to submit proposals on gender perspective to be included in any SSE laws and public policies being proposed in any countries.

Gender is not just a women’s issue, it is everyone issue!